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Kefalonia premium services

Experience the Extraordinary with Kefalonia Premium Services

We’re not just a concierge – we’re your fixers, crafting the memories of a lifetime.

Kefalonia Premium Services is your passport to the good life on the emerald island of Greece. Armed with years of hands-on experience, we are here to ensure every aspect of your stay is nothing short of extraordinary, from the moment you step onto the shores of our Ionian jewel until it is time to wave your goodbyes. Because for us, to serve is above all, to care. That’s why we’ll go to great lengths to understand your needs, decode your whims and cater to your wishes. From seamless transportation to outstanding accommodations and from tailored itineraries to those hard-to-get reservations at the best tables in town, we curate moments that leave you with fascinating tales to tell. More than just another luxury concierge in Kefalonia, we are your fixers – your go-to people for ensuring that everything is just as you’ve dreamt of, only better. Contact us today, and let’s start planning the adventure of a lifetime!

Why choose Kefalonia, Greece:

With a winning combo of ancient history and vibrant culture, stunning beaches and striking mountains, friendly locals and delicious food, Greece is a mythical country with myriad delights. Yet choosing the destination within the destination is not an easy task.

Steeped in history and myth, Kefalonia, the Ionian gem immortalised by Hollywood in “Captain Corelli’s Mandoline,” captivates with its aristocratic towns but also its lush and semi-wild landscapes. While cosmopolitan resorts like Lassi and the capital, Argostoli, offer a vibrant eating and drinking scene, the true enchantment lies in exploring the pristine outdoors—emerald coves, clear-as-diamond waters, and villages with Italianate charm. Lose yourself in the verdant countryside and time-forgotten settlements, where the real magic unfolds amidst Mediterranean forests, wild meadows, and vineyards. Explore some of the world’s most famous beaches and bask in the locals’ hospitality and warmth. Kefalonians are cordial, hot-headed, passionate, and joyous. Song and dance are embedded in everyday life – and it is not rare to encounter islanders singing their trademark traditional serenades (kantades) to the sounds of the guitar, mandolin, and accordion. Whether you’re a nature lover, cultural traveller, peace and quiet seeker, seafarer, or romantic soul, this sun-kissed destination will etch an indelible mark on your heart and mind. Book through the locals to take it all in – the icons and the hidden wonders you never imagined existed.

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